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business agreement

What To Include in a B2B Contract

When it comes to forming a B2B contract, omitting details can lead to confusion, as well as miscommunication. The following five features are crucial to a successful contract. 1) Clearly label the parties within the contract To specify those who are bound to the contract,

Spanish Assets

Inheritance and forced heirship in Spain

For many, the most compelling reason to make a Will is to ensure that your assets pass to the people whom you want to benefit from your estate upon your death. But the level of certainty and control a last Will and testament purports to

Traffic Laws 2021

New Traffic Laws in the UK 2021

New traffic laws in the UK will affect millions of road users. These seven laws will come into effect in 2021 and include the expansion of clean air zones, which will add extra charges to drivers. This article will discuss the effect that the laws


Can You Get a Divorce If your Ex Won’t Sign?

Divorce can be messy. It can take months or years to finalize when you want nothing more than to move forward with your life. So what happens when your ex doesn’t respond or refuses to sign the divorce papers? Can you still get the divorce

criminal offences in UK

List of the main criminal offences in the UK

Three main types of criminal offences exist under UK law. These are: 1.   Summary only offences; 2.   Either way offences; 3.   Indictable only offences. Summary only offences This type includes a range of lower-severity offences. These are only tried in magistrates’ court. The exception is